Artist Feature - Kristy M.

"I have always loved art and was lucky enough to have some creative talent passed down through generations of my family."

-           Kristy M.

In late summer 2019, on the brink of marriage and the looming pandemic, Kristy M. received a cancer diagnosis that would change the course of her life. Initially thought to be at Stage 1 or 2, it was later revealed to be Stage 4. Although the next four years were difficult, they were marked by resilience, creativity and a remarkable connection to art. 


Kristy’s diagnosis cast a shadow over imminent wedding plans and the unfolding global crisis. The revelation of Stage 4 cancer unveiled a determination to fight and prolong her life. 


Amid the challenges of dealing with cancer, navigating the pandemic, and coping with job loss, Kristy discovered solace in the Children's Art Project (CAP). With a family history of creative talent, she joined the art class in December 2020. The art class became an outlet - and a lifeline - eagerly she anticipated each month. 


Now residing in Cypress, TX, Kristy remains a full-time patient. Before her illness, she was on the verge of completing a private pilot’s license, reflecting a love for aviation and a commitment to restoring WWII aircraft with the Commemorative Air Force. 


Through her artistic journey, Kristy has produced numerous pieces, each holding a special place in her heart. As a CAP artist, Kristy has seen her art translated into a variety of products, from cards and journals to lanyards and t-shirts. Her contributions have not only added color to her own life but have also become tangible expressions of hope for others. "I have always loved art and was lucky enough to have some creative talent passed down through generations of my family", she says.


With her eyes set on the future, Kristy dreams of flying airplanes again and continuing philanthropic endeavors with the Commemorative Air Force.  


Kristy's canvas of life has been painted with strokes of courage, creativity and an unwavering spirit. From diagnosis to survivorship, her story stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and the indomitable strength of the human spirit.


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