50 Years Of Pediatric Cancer Art

January 2023

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Let’s welcome the New Year with our Children’s Art Project 2023 Wall Calendar. The calendar cover, along with the months of February and March, features artwork by Emily, from Wisconsin. Emily was diagnosed with medullary thyroid carcinoma in 2014. At 17, she traveled from Wisconsin to MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital, where she underwent a total neck dissection and removal of 80 cancerous lymph nodes. Since then, Emily has been on an effective clinical trial while doctors continue monitoring her tumors. During her time at MD Anderson, Emily discovered she loved creating art through participation with Children’s Art Project. Art is an escape for her. While in the Pediatric Ambulatory Treatment Center (PATC), Emily loves participating in art classes or spending time creating art. Currently in her second year of an Art Therapy undergraduate program at Mt. Mary University, Emily is passionate about art and art therapy. She is involved in the student art therapy association and volunteers in community events for the Wisconsin Art Therapy Association (WATA). Emily hopes to one day have her own private practice working with children with disabilities and cancer patients, helping others the way art therapy helped her.

 This year marks the 50th anniversary of Children's Art Project. Each month, we’ll provide updates, promote survivorship, and share uplifting stories about what makes Children’s Art Project special. Feel free to share these updates with your friends and family and enter your email address below to be added to our weekly mailing list. 

Happy New Year!